The Extraordinary Feeling Called ‘Hug’

Hers feels like a teapot trying to surround you but it can’t cause it’s short and stout. And his feels like familiar territory like I’ve been there before. And hers feels like it could suck the soul out of you if that was a possibility. And his feels like sticks and bones trying to “be […]

Trapped In A Flesh Prison

Dear Reader, What you’re about to read next is an area of life most people either joke about or conjure up a new life out of or hopelessly drown themselves in. For those of you on the more emotional side, brace yourselves. Cause this could make you curl up in your blankie and contemplate about […]


Some days… Sometimes… You really want to show the world how strong you are. How you can stand up for yourself. How you are your own sunshine. How you are a one-person-army. You journey solo. You need nobody. Solitude is your paradise. Isolation is what you actually crave. Whom are you kidding? What makes you […]

Humanity or Isolation?

“Haan haan. Tum jaake usse baat karo. Main toh Hun hi nahi teri zindagi mein!” “Kitne din ho gaye humne baat hi nahi kiya! Kaisi ho tum? Mujhe yaad karti bhi hai?” Honestly, my personal opinion, I cringe when somebody tells me anything like this. First, it pricks me like it pricks you when you […]

Devil’s workshop.

Today was a day of absolute fatigue to at-peace-with-the-world to breaking down to coming down to a pact, which I hope will help bring peace within us all, even if it’s a meagre amount. To be someone like me, is a hectic job. All I want, for once, is to see everyone around me happy. […]

To Infinity and Beyond…

    She walked a little, Hopped a little, Jumped a little, Laughed a lot, Ran a lot, Climbed a lot, Spoke too less And sang a lot Did she hurt a little? Did she see too much? Maybe she did. Maybe she didn’t. Who cared? She knew she didn’t. Not anymore. Her chains lay […]

First blog post

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